Turo Car Rental Review

Turo is a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace. Turo allows private car owners to rent their personal vehicles through the web or mobile app.

This video reviews how Turo works and why you might want to try the service to rent your own car or someone else’s. Turo allows people to rent almost any vehicle ranging from a budget conscious $23/day Smart Car to a Nissan GT-R or 911 Turbo. There is something for everyone and a chance to have a unique driving experience.

Check out the video and let me know if you found it helpful.


Off-roading Trip with ADA

In late 2016 ADA went off-roading in Nakina Ontario. This is a short clip with a Jeep Wrangler and Suzuki DR200. Members from our group showed up with Jeeps, dirt bikes, ATV’s  and other vehicles.


Know anyone with a Plymoth Prowler?

Doug DeMuro does a lot of interesting car reviews from Ferrari’s to this Prowler. I have never driven one myself but definitely interesting to look at.

Some of his other videos are also pretty interesting for car lovers.


Driving destinations for 2017?

Email or post a comment with your thoughts for 2017 driving destinations. We are currently in the planning stages so now is the best time.

In 2016 we drove to Collingwood and toured Blue Mountain, drove to Montreal and participated in the F1 race weekend, had a drive to Creemore Ontario, drove to Lake Simcoe and took a yacht cruise, participated in an exotic car test driving event, drove to Niagara on the Lake along with several other outings. It made for an amazing summer and we want to make this one even better.

Check out the video from our Collingwood and Blue Mountain drive….


Upcoming events with GTA Exotics

Check out my previous upcoming events post to see the list of events that GTA Exotics is hosting in 2017. I am open to suggestions for attending some of these as a group. Let me know what you think.

We had a lot of fun with GTA Exotics in 2016. Check out our previous event video…


Ferrari 360 and things to look out for

Ten great points to consider if you are looking at a Ferrari 360 from Rob Ferretti. Doug DeMuro also has some good videos about his 360 on YouTube.

If you want to experience Ferrari ownership for a year without breaking the bank this could be a good place to start. One of these could be picked up for under $100,000 in Canada or $1,600/month with financing and zero down. This means that you could own this car for a year, sell it and only be out about $20k. That would make for a really cool year.


Porsche 911 Turbo S winning again

Porsche has been winning with the everyday sports car as long as I can remember. This new 580hp 911 Turbo S is remodeled and faster than ever. 0-60 is well under 3 seconds. This could very well be the best overall sports car available on the market for performance and versatility.